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My name is Mark! I am a New York based Artist/Writer. Welcome to my newly constructed online lair. An especially enthusiastic hello if you’ve actually arrived here, y’know…on purpose. A moment please, while I entertain that possibility…

There that should do it.

Conceding the probability that you’ve stumbled in completely by accident, it would be irresponsible of me not to mention the VOODOO CURSE associated with this place.(long story short: when your neighbor invites you out for dinner, a movie, and some ritual blood sacrifice…fake a cold) Don’t panic though. Simply examining every bit of posted art on the site, with an identifiable nod of approval, is known to keep the dark forces at bay. Trust me, you don’t want to end up like my cousin Chuck. He insists his 2 broken legs are a common football injury, but he was playing Madden 09 on his Xbox when it happened.

Anyway, those who fall for the above nonsense, will have their naiveté rewarded with a look at some recent scans, as well as ongoing projects in the works. A fondness for superheroes should NOT be considered a requirement for perusing the galleries…but it will sure help. Glad you made it aboard!

BTW a special thanks to Ned, whose technical expertise and underworld contacts made all this possible.

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